• Abject Studio is a graphics studio specializing in the creation of complete graphic universes through the mixing and use of innovative techniques such as CGI, artificial intelligence, and more classic techniques like, graphic design, photo compositing, and more.

    We focus on creating visual content for businesses and brands, offering a wide range of services including art direction, graphic identities, video, rendering, and post-production. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and create unique and appealing designs that meet their communication objectives.

    Our studio is passionate about innovation and creativity, and we are always looking for new ways to use technology to create unique and inspiring designs. We firmly believe that the quality of work and customer satisfaction are the main factors in our success. If you are interested in our CGI design services, please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more and discuss your project in detail.

Input, Treatment, Output

Book Design

Today, artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly prevalent in various fields. Portrayed as the defining technological evolution of our era, it both captivates and concerns, challenging humanity's role in society. But what would happen if AI were to enter and find its place in the world of graphic design? Could the designer still express their personality and creativity through this tool often labeled as automatic? Would the designer not risk being confined to a world where their creativity is relegated to the background? Presented for the first time during Pierre Vanni conference abject studio is pleased to introduce the first method to enable designers to integrate artificial intelligence into their workflow and training. This approach opens up new horizons for those who wish to create differently, exploring unprecedented possibilities.

Date: 2023

Thêatre National, Wallonie Bruxelles

Visual Identity


Date: 2023

Creative Review Magazine

The Future Issue

Project made with Newformat for Creative Review, this issue is about the metaverse, NFT, and AI. The cover of this magazine was made by the very talented Claudia Rafael.

Technique: CGI, 3D scanning
Date: 2022

Maison Martin Margiela

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Campaign for Maison Martin Margiela.

Technique: CGI
Date: 2022



job made with Newformat in support of Adidas x deadHYPE ZX 8000 GTX, for a collaboration with deadHYPE and END. to create the communication around the drop, reflecting on community, experientalism and interdisciplinary exchange.

Creative Director: Newformat & deadHYPE
CGI: Newformat
Digital fashion: Nina Doll

Sound Design: @ttneamna

Technique: CGI
Date: 2022

Avnier // Orelsan X Leatherman


Campaign made for the collaboratiion betwin Avnier the Orelsan brand and Leatherman famous for they premium multitool knife.

Tool Design: Sébastian Strappazzon & Orelsan
Direction Artistique : Abject Studio & Gabriel Chesnelong
CGI: Abject Studio
Graphic Design : Abject Studio & Gabriel Chesnelong

Sound Design: @enchanteuurr

Technique: CGI
Date: 2021


Visual Identity

Design and production of a visual identity for a festival focused on new technologies such as: robotics, artificial intelligence and coding...
Parameter takes the form of routes that take place in the Parisian metropolis, plate hub of new technologies.

Technique: Paper print
Date: 2020

Design and Development: TWOMUCH STUDIO and BUTT STUDIO